Baby Shampoo 3 in 1

If you're still using conditioner to get in your open cell wetsuit you're doing it wrong. Baby shampoo is the miracle 3 in 1 tool that everyone should have in their dive bag. The poo has 3 wonderful uses, wetsuit lube, mask defog, and of course as your after/during dive shower. Most serious spearfisherman use an open cell suit. If you're not or don’t know the difference I guess that’s a post for another time. To get in them some sort of lubricant is required. Many people use hair conditioner but it isn’t the best choice. It tends to leave a longer lasting slippery residue on the boat. It can also lead to skin problems. The best system is to first find a plastic water bottle. I’ve been known to steal them from trash cans or find em on the side of the road on my way to a dive but a reusable one works too. One really nice long squirt into a mostly filled bottle of fresh or saltwater does the trick. It dissolves really well and gets you a good consistent lube. A half water bottle for the top and half for the bottom works perfectly. It doesn’t hurt your eyes and doesn’t leave a white oil slick on your face either. Now take that same water bottle, or another one if you prepare yours beforehand like me, and put just a half squirt into a mostly full bottle of freshwater. Must be freshwater. Ive seen people use salt, doesn't make much sense to me as I'm trying to keep the salt out of my eyes. This becomes your defog for the day. If you make these before hand you should notice a pretty distinct color difference between your defog and lube. If you aren’t happy with either adjust accordingly. I defog my mask every time I take it off. Usually this is between spots or even between drifts. This gives me a clear mask but also lubricates the skirt for a good comfy fit against a usually sunburnt face. If you lose your bottle throughout the day just make another one. You have plenty of poo in your bag. No expensive drops to buy that always seem to have run out or go home in a buddies bag. Another great defog option is the mask bucket. A bucket of freshwater stored easily accessible in the boat with some baby poo mixed in. As each diver exits the water and removes their mask they toss it into the bucket. This keeps the masks off the deck and easy to find. They also leave the bucket fully defogged and ready to go. When I take my suit off I’ve pretty much been bathing in soap all day so I’m already clean. But if you are more hygienic then me a quick shower in baby poo at the end of the day feels great. The poo can be used as both shampoo and body wash and with a clean shirt in the car and some deodorant you are ready for the bar. Johnson and Johnson is available pretty much anywhere on the planet. I never bring it with me on trips confident I can find it wherever I go. I’ve tried some of the other brands, some of them work, some don’t dissolve as well. I prefer old faithful for going in my eyes. I try to bring as little with me on the boat as possible and anything that has 3 uses is a winner.

WARNING: DO NOT DRINK THE BABY POO WATER MIX DEFOG!!! Sometimes a lightly mixed bottle looks almost clear to a tired thirsty diver. Best to shake the bottle if in doubt.

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