"I can honestly say that my time learning from Ryan is one of the best times I have ever spent in the water. He is a patient instructor and is quick to identify rusty techniques I had forgotten all while keeping safety a priority. I look forward to going again!"

- Todd Wade
 Former NFL Football Star



Go Deeper

Go deeper with expertly taught PADI Freediving beginner and intermediate courses. A free diving course with a certified instructor will help you advance your diving ability in a safe environment. In this course you will learn important safety tactics along with essential deep diving techniques. This course includes line diving sessions where the student may practice deep dives in a controlled setting. 

Hunt Smarter

Hunt smarter with an International Spearfishing Academy course. Ryan has partnered with ISA to develop a course that gives beginners enough freediving skills to safely get below the surface and begin hunting. This course is the perfect blend of basic free diving and hunting skills while not compromising on safety. Level 1 includes 2 pool and 3 classroom sessions. Pool sessions include actual target shooting as well as real world hunting practice.

Travel Further

Travel further with an international guided spearfishing expedition. Ryan offers everything from beginner spearfishing trips through the Bahamas to completely off the grid expeditions that could take you as far as East Africa. 

For more information please email RyanMyersExpeditions@gmail.com