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March 22, 2018

This year I am once again honored to represent the United States in the highest level that one can take our sport: The World Championship. Twenty-five of the best teams in the world gather every two years to compete. The 2018 World’s will be held in September in Sagres, Portugal. The team will comprise of Justin Lee, Paul Young, and myself as divers. Kelston McGuire as alternate and Cameron Kirkconnell and Joe Fernandez as co-captains. This article will seek to shed a bit of light on how we as individuals and as a country qualify to compete. And also on the scouting process and competition itself. 

Each country’s first step is to select four of its most deserving athletes to compete in either the Pan-Americans, Euro Africans, or sometimes Inter-Pacific championships. Depending on the countries region. These events are qualifiers for countries to earn a spot at the world championship. The way each country selects their team varies. Some, like Spain, have a large team...

March 28, 2017

The Pan-American Spearfishing Championship took place in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, a small oil town way down south where the penguins live. This year, Team USA consisted of Kevin Sakuda, Ryan Moore, and myself. Cameron Kirkconnell served as captain and Joe Fernandez as Delegate. Planning for this one was tough as it seemed like Kevin and I had just gotten back from the World Championships in Greece. Also, none of us were excited for the expected conditions. My competitions always start with a phone call to Warren Bird, the big cheese over at Hecs Aquatic. I needed a seven millimeter (mm) suit for the 55 degree water. I had only once before donned a five mm in New Zealand and immediately took it off in favor of being cold. I thought adjusting to the seven mm was going to be my biggest challenge but I was wrong. ​

Leaving from Kona it took me multiple days and countless flights to make it to the southern tip of the world. After leaving the airport, I was immediately bombarded by the...

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