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June 7, 2019

Today is the 2019 National Spearfishing Championship. This year the championship is being held on beautiful Lake Mead with targets being mostly carp and striper with maybe a few tilapia thrown in. My girlfriend, Sam Mase, is my teammate and Eric Shearouse has flown in to help us scout, rig, and captain our boat. We are Team Florida Freedivers and we intend to win. This is how. 

Nationals for me starts months in advance by talking to locals, watching YouTube, and hunting for boats and accommodations. I constantly look at a combination of Google Earth and Navionics to begin planning my trip. Before even arriving I’ve got a solid list of questions I want to answer to begin developing my game day plan. This year striper are worth 3 points and carp are worth 1. There is no bonus for weight so any size fish goes. There are a lot more carp than striper but obviously each striper is worth three carp. Thus the dilemma of the tournament and undoubtedly what will determine the winner. 

 Nationals b...

July 13, 2017

On our road trip to nationals we decided to make a quick diving stop in Louisiana. After an incredibly lame stop in New Orleans we arrived at Ronnie Collins houseboat in Port Fourchon late at night and quickly got rigged for the next day. The next morning hopes were high for Sam to get some records.

Lots of red snapper and cobia were around. We had a good idea of what fish we were looking for and headed offshore. First spot we chummed up clouds of big reds but Sam couldn't quite close the deal with the pole spear. I was filming hoping to catch her record fish on camera.

We left there and headed to another rig. Not much was going on there but a fisherman called us over to show us a few cobia hanging out under a floating bucket. Me and Sam jumped in again me with the camera and my bleu Tec 100 cm simple. The cobia swam right up to her but she had a problem with the gun and it wouldn't fire. It came back for another pass but she missed. Sam had just started using a larger gun so it was pr...

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