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April 4, 2018

Photos by: Kristofer Landers

When Toby Silverman invited me to Taco Tuesday a few days after returning from three months of travel, I couldn’t really say no. I hadn’t seen anyone yet and even though 1 o’clock tacos was more like my breakfast time, I rallied and met them at Tijuana Flats. So much of life is simply being in the right place at the right time to get the invite. KC Scott, Toby, and Travis were discussing the weekends plans to dive some deep gulf wreck. KC must have seen me drooling over the opportunity to see what lives 70 miles out in the gulf. He said maybe I could come if the other dude backed out. He emphasized this was a Huk shoot to film him filming things and show where he gets his inspiration from. Fishing would be involved. The line kind. I didn’t care, I was stoked. 

He called a few days later to say I was in. I broke out my old variable rig from Greece and went gun shopping at Florida Freedivers. My first real spear gun was a Rob Allen 120 green handle. My first dr...

March 27, 2018

Slow, deep diaphragm inhale, long, slow diaphragm exhale. Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The sound of the passive exhale through my teeth and into my snorkel calms me. I relax, doing a breath-up cycle I've done a thousand times before. I am floating in the Mediterranean. The water is crystal clear, the sea is completely glass, the current is totally still. It's a sunny warm afternoon and I'm less than 30 feet offshore from a sheer cliff. Conditions are ideal. There are over 70 dives on my watch. I am in the zone doing exactly what I do best. I have a golden grouper stuck in a hole at 42 meters (137 feet) and I’m preparing for extraction. It is well known that rocked up groupers are one of the most dangerous situations a diver can encounter. I do my last sequence of breaths followed by a peak inhalation and a well practiced entry. I effortlessly sink below the surface as I begin my dive. My hands are relaxed laying by my side as I equalize and slowly overcome my bodies positive buo...

December 29, 2017

There’s a shore dive in Hawaii that is one of spearfishing's worst kept secrets. I’ve been diving and struggling there for years. I’ve had some pretty cool sightings and even shot a few nice fish but nothing compared to the pics I’d see posted online seemingly daily. It was one of those places you should have been here yesterday, or this morning, or last week, but never quite when I was there. Last week I hit it perfectly and it was a day to remember. 

Perrin James was filming Mark Healey for some makeup commercial or something and they invited me along. Mark was flying in early and we were all meeting at the site for an early morning dive. Somehow Mark and Perrin got the airports messed up and ended up on opposite sides of the island. It looked like I was getting a head start. I arrived to

our site, suited up and got in solo for the long swim to the grounds. Current was ripping and being one of the slower swimmers I’m not used to being the chum/flasher carrier. I fought the current to a...

September 29, 2017

I had been wandering Southern California for weeks without any real interest in diving. After nationals I just had no interest in getting back into the 7 mm wetsuit. I still had not gotten an opportunity at a blue fin and just assumed the run was over. One night hanging out with Julie Riffe we got a report of someone shooting a small one. I scrambled looking for a boat and Scott Darnell came through with a trip to the Coronados. Austin Derry, Scott, Sam and I took off from San Diego headed to Mexico to see what we could find. 

We arrived at the beautiful Coronados islands greeted by an obnoxious sea lion colony and crystal clear water. While me and Sam fawned over the seals Austin and Scott looked at us like we're nuts.

There had been a lot of shit talking on the way out and somehow I ended up jumping in with my 75cm pathos to try and shoot a yellowtail. After missing a few opportunities and seeing some really nice fish I connected with a smaller one and quickly landed it. Then I met wh...