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June 12, 2019

This is a follow up to my last article where I detailed my plans and predictions for the day. If you haven’t read that one go back and give it a read prior to this one and this should make more sense. 

How to Win the National Championship

My plan was to focus on stripers at 3 points a piece and leave the carp hammering to the pros. The comp started with super windy conditions and the shotgun start was one of the craziest I have ever experienced.

We got off the line ok but then we were hit with the wind chop. The 21 foot ski boat hit 46 mph right into the 15 mph wind. Eric handled the boat like a champ and ran full out neck and neck with the 21 pathfinder carrying Mike Mcguire, Hana and Bruce. It was pretty clear we were headed to the exact same spots at the far end of the zone. These were not guys I wanted to dive shoulder to shoulder with. We were all headed for a series of maybe 10-15 sharp points at the front of bays that all held striper. When we got there I paused in the center of th...

June 7, 2019

Today is the 2019 National Spearfishing Championship. This year the championship is being held on beautiful Lake Mead with targets being mostly carp and striper with maybe a few tilapia thrown in. My girlfriend, Sam Mase, is my teammate and Eric Shearouse has flown in to help us scout, rig, and captain our boat. We are Team Florida Freedivers and we intend to win. This is how. 

Nationals for me starts months in advance by talking to locals, watching YouTube, and hunting for boats and accommodations. I constantly look at a combination of Google Earth and Navionics to begin planning my trip. Before even arriving I’ve got a solid list of questions I want to answer to begin developing my game day plan. This year striper are worth 3 points and carp are worth 1. There is no bonus for weight so any size fish goes. There are a lot more carp than striper but obviously each striper is worth three carp. Thus the dilemma of the tournament and undoubtedly what will determine the winner. 

 Nationals b...